Night Club Promoting & ATM Services


We place ATMs at zero cost with 24/7 maintenance

Vending One NYC

Club promoting and ATM services

We place ATMs at zero cost with 24/7 maintenance

Vending One NYC

Night club promotions

Night club promotions is the premier vendor in New York City, providing free ATMs as well as transaction compensation to the business owner for every single transaction made at your location.

We only work with clients who have the types of locations that will be mutually beneficial. This gives us the ability to provide both unprecedented service in this industry and the ability to work hand in hand with the owners of the location to optimize our mutual benefits.

What Makes Us the Best

  • We place and customize the ATM for your location at zero cost.
  • Our service agents are 24/7 ready to maintain the ATM.
  • We offer custom installations that fit any location.
  • We are solely responsible for all maintenance, repairs, credit and debit card processing fees, ATM legal disputes, and payment cancellations.
Vending One NYC

Your Single-stop Platform for ATM Needs

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to work hand in hand with exclusive New York businesses and locations to help them generate additional revenue through quality ATM placement. With 24-hour service support and great compensation packages, there is little need to look any further for your ATM needs.

Promoting Services

  • We extend our connections to promote your business.
  • We promote your business throughout New York.
  • Free promotional campaign with your purchase of an ATM.
  • We create a commercial for your business that will play in thousands of locations.
Vending One NYC

Night Club Promotions