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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Night club promotions only work with clients who have the types of locations that will mutually benefit us both. We do not offer our services or ATM placement to just anyone wanting a ATM at their location as other ATM operators do. This gives us the ability to provide both unprecedented service in this industry and the ability to work hand in hand with the owners of the location to optimize our mutual benefits.

FREE ATM PLACEMENT & INSTALL We are unique in the ATM industry because we place and customize the ATM for your location at zero cost to you. We have local 24/7 service agents ready at a moments notice to reload, repair and maintain the ATM’s assuring clients that their ATM is working and operational at all times.

We – and not you – our partner -are solely responsible for all maintenance, repairs, credit and debit card processing fees, ATM legal disputes and payment cancellations often initiated by ATM users. Yet you the client still get paid on every single transaction made at your location.

a. Cash Availability Allow your customers access to cash so they can spend it at your location.

b. The average ATM customer will spend 90% of site-accessed money with your business.

c. ATM users are habit-driven, often using the same ATM repeatedly, bringing repeat customers back into your business.

d. Increase your gross retail sales when customers have more cash they spend more at your business.

e. Credit Card processing fees : Eliminate or reduce them

f. Generate more traffic to your business.

g. Additional income for you & your business from every ATM transaction made at your location.


Service and Support, who helps me with my ATM?

a. You do nothing. The machines notify us automatically of any issues and we have technicians on staff 24 hours per day everyday that take care of all service needs. Support and cash reloading is handled by us 24/7.

a. No, our machines are state of the art new generation smart machines. The machine itself automatically notify us if there is any issue from technical problems or being out of money. We then instantly send out a team to reload the cash or correct a technical problem.

After I agree to place an ATM machine at my location, what else do I need to have it operational at my business?

a. 3 prong power outlet and

b. communications (internet, phone line, or wireless)

a. An average high foot traffic location such as a bar, restaurant or club in New York can do hundreds of transactions per day. You get paid by our team on everyone of these as well as benefit from the 70% to 80% of the money they extract from the ATM being spent at your location.

a. You immediately eliminate or greatly reduce your credit card processing fees & disputed reverse charge claims and costs. Having an ATM also provides your customers with options and options permits customers to SPEND MORE MONEY AT YOUR BUSINESS.

a. Typically the ATM customer will spend 70% to 80% of the money they draw out of the ATM at your location.

b. Indoor and free standing ATMs are the most widely used types of ATM machines

c. Half of adult Americans use ATM machines on a regular basis

d. 40% of regular ATM users will visit an ATM machine an average of 10 times per month

e. According to a recent survey, 43% of customers prefer to receive cash from ATMs regardless of whether or not their bank is open or not